• The Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkanses partners with El Parche Coffee's Fundraising 365  program in order to raise funds year-round to support our programs.

Each coffee order funnels money to support and grow our amazing project and the single parents and children who will benefit from them.

You will receive the world's freshest 100% Colombian Arabica coffee shipped directly from the El Parche farms to your home. Your support will assist both our fund as well as the wonderful families who product this delicious coffee! We would call that a win win!

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"The Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas, Inc. (SPSF NWA) works to help single parent families become financially stable and independent. We do this by providing direct financial assistance to low-income single parents who are pursuing a career-related course of study to gain sufficient employment to meet the basic needs of their families."

"We are a community supported effort creating better, brighter futures for single parent families by offering encouragement and access to higher education."


The Facts

1 in 4 children in Arkansas lives in poverty.

With more than 186,000 children living in poverty, Arkansas has the third highest child poverty rate in the nation.

A major factor contributing to this problem is lack of education of the parent/head of household.   Arkansas consistently ranks near the bottom of the list of states in per capita residents who hold bachelor’s degrees or higher.

In Arkansas, 90% of single mothers do not hold a college degree. Single-headed families are even more likely to live in poverty and face limited educational and occupational opportunities. A college degree can change these statistics – one family at a time.