• Havenwood of Northwest Arkansas partners with El Parche Coffee's Fundraising 365 program in order to raise funds year-round to support academy programs.

Each coffee order funnels critical funds which support and grow our amazing projects and the women and children who will benefit from them.

You will receive the world's freshest 100% Colombian Arabica coffee shipped directly from the El Parche farms to your home. Your support will assist both Havenwood as well as the wonderful families and women who produce this delicious coffee! We would call that a win win!

Simply begin shopping and you will verify where your support goes when you checkout. We take care of the rest and ship in a matter of days, fresh and right to your door!

** Please consider selecting a subscription option to support our organization to the max! With this option we automatically ship to you every 7, 15 or 30 days so you are sure to have coffee when you need it

Click to here to learn more about Fundraising 365.


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