Raise a Cup to Raise Funds!


Many of us drink coffee everyday, why not use that habit to raise funds for the organizations and projects that matter the most to us?

With Fundraising 365 - El Parche Coffee partners with organizations, sports teams, schools, non-profits and many others to do exactly that!

The patrons and supporters of your organization simply shop for and enjoy the worlds finest coffee and we do the rest. Automatically, every day, every month, every year, your fundraising grows and grows. We do all the growing, roasting, shipping and administration.

Get Started Today! Contact Patrick Meyer our CEO who leads our social impact projects and partnerships.

“Do not hesitate to contact me if you feel our Fundraising 365 program can benefit your organization and programs. We are deeply committed to your success and great coffee! Colombia has a deep place in my heart, not just because of coffee, but because of the people and an important part of my extended family lives there.

I drive all of our social outreach programs. In 2019, we organized a trip in partnership with Crocs Shoes, and the El Refugio Mission in Cartagena. Our team distributed 200 pairs of Crocs sandals to children, prepared and served them meals, and worked as English language conversation partners.  

Our organization will always be involved in far more than Colombian coffee. We are intimately involved in building relationships with organizations just like yours and the Colombian people.”

- Patrick